About Us

Green Guide Tours is a company based out of San Francisco, California that offers bus and walking tours focused on cannabis.

Our Goal

Stopping stigmas through fun educational experiences.

Our goal at Green Guide Tours is to help break down the outdated and negative stigmas about what marijuana is, and bring a better understanding to the history & future of the cannabis industry.

All of our tours are designed with compassion for each guest and for their experience with the local cannabis industry

Where We Stand

Focused on the facts

Green Guide Tours does not encourage the use of marijuana for everyone. Green Guide Tours only offers an interactive educational experience that focuses on the truth & facts of the cannabis culture and industry.

Non-consumption Options

Cannabis is not offered or provided

Currently Green Guide Tours only tour company in the industry that provides non-consumption options. If over the age of 21 years old, cannabis can be consumed onsite at a dispensary lounge at the guest’s own discretion. NO cannabis is offered or provided by Green Guide Tours on our tours.

Community Involvement

We provide education & awareness services.

We are regularly involved in supporting San Francisco’s local community as well as helping advocate for the cannabis industry by providing education & awareness services.

Government & Policy Involvement

CCTA & Task Force

As a founding board member of the CCTA, this helps demonstrate our commitment to providing a safe and legal tour experience while helping grow the industry in the right direction.

California Cannabis Tourism Association


Affordable Tours

Green Guide Tours is the most accessible cannabis tour company in California with below market rates and FREE tours

Local Dispensaries

Exclusive Access and Discounts

Green Guide Tours offers exclusive access and discounts to local dispensaries that we work with closely to provide the ultimate cannabis tour experience.


Fun and Engaging Experiences

Our interactive iPad experience makes each tour engaging for guests of all ages